Quick guide - Laser mono chrome printer

What is a laser mono chrome printer?

A laser monochrome printer prints in one colour only; black. This means that your printouts are in black and white only.

3 Reasons why you should use this printer

The initial cost of purchasing a laser printer may be higher than a bubblejet printer but in the long run, your costs are lower if you use the former. At the same time, your printing efficiency increases. Here is why:

  1. Consumes less ink
  2. Speeds up printing
  3. Prints with less noise

Additionally, a laser monochrome printer only costs a little more than a bubblejet printer. It definitely costs much lower than a laser colour printer.

Go to Canon.co.uk

Find laser printers

Click on 'products and solutions'; 'laser printers' and find over 10 types of laser printers (i-SENSYS) for both colour and monochrome. For the latter (black and white), there are 6 types of printer to choose from. You can compare all 6 monochrome printers; 3 printers at a time, side by side.

How to compare prices and features

Simply tick the check-boxes of the printers you want to compare and click 'compare'. The most expensive laser monochrome printer costs nearly GBP700 while the cheapest one costs less than GBP200.

Go to Pricerunner.co.uk

Compare prices of Canon printers

For more pricing comparison, go to this website and click on 'computing'; 'peripherals'; 'printers - product comparison'. Here, you will be able to compare prices from about 1 to 18 retailers.

Pay to read printer reviews

If you click on 'read our printer reviews', a new tab to Which.co.uk opens up. You need to sign up for the trial membership and try it for GBP1 in order to access the reviews.

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