Laptops: 'Deals of the Week' Online Sites

In the fast-paced world we live in, where people are always on the move, laptops play a very important role. Laptops offer portability, connectivity and entertainment, thus are a product that will always be in demand. Finding laptops week deals online is becoming highly popular. The following sites will provide some options available to consumers seeking the best deals.

Laptop Pimp

At the site, Laptop Pimp, you will find the best laptop deals at very low prices. Delland Toshiba brands are offering discounts, freebies, upgrades and free shipping on these units. Dellis offering a deal on the Dell Latitude E6500. Consumers can get a discount of up to $385 with free shipping for only $999. Buyers can purchase the Inspiron Mini Netbooks for the low price of $319. Toshiba's L series can be bought at $549. Additionally, buyers can get two upgrades on its customizable satellite personal computer. It is also offered at 25% off on the satellite C650 and C6500, reducing the price to $374.


The Hewlett Packard laptop is one of the leading brands when it comes to innovation and design. At Notebookreview.com, you can grab once in a lifetime deals with their various deals on Hewlett Packard (HP) laptops and Netbooks. Their HP Pavilion DV6T Edition series is a customizable laptop that lets you save of up to $380. The HP G62X is also being sold at only $499. Consumers are also provided extras such as 4 gigabytes of memory and a 500 gigabyte hard drive upgrade. The HP Probook 4520S notebook is offered at the low price of $799.

What laptop: TechRadar.com

Consumers can find laptop deals which might suit their needs atwhatlaptop.techradar.com. The site is offering the best deals on Lenovo laptops. Lenovo’s Ideapad Z560 multimedia notebook is offered with a discount of $270. The site also provides free shipping. Their Ideapad Y460p is offered at $849 plus free shipping and discounts. It has a 14 inch display, Intel core processor, AMD graphics, 500 gigabyte drive and an Intel wireless application. The lowest price of laptop that you can find on this site is the Hot Dell Vostro V13 which is offered at $349.



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