Free laptops available for people on benefits

It's refreshing to see that the UK government have finally realised how important laptops and computers in general are for life in the twenty first century and have decided to offer free laptops for people on benefits.

Nowadays if you're not connected to the net, your life can be made unnecessarily difficult. You'll be unable to avail of great services such as online banking, discounted online deals or even the great online resources available for school kids to research their projects and homework.

Just over a year ago, the government announced that they would ramp up a scheme whereby they would offer free laptops, as well as free broadband access, to eligible low income families across the United Kingdom. Known as Home Access this £300,000,000 initiative had already been in existence since a pilot scheme tested its viability in February of 2009, but the terms have finally been settled upon and now as many as 270,000 families across the nation are eligible to apply for a government backed grant entitling them to a laptop and broadband access free of charge.

While an active member of the scheme, families will be able to keep possession of their awarded laptop, however should their financial situation change so that they no longer fall into the "low income" or "families on benefits" group, they will need to return it.

The broadband is offered for free for a period of only one year, after that it will be up to the individuals to pay their own way - which shouldn't be too big a stretch given the affordable broadband prices already in existence throughout the United Kingdom.

To find out if your family is eligible for the scheme, check out the official website at www.becta.org.uk/homeaccess or call 0333 200 1004 for more information.

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