We tackle some of the myths surrounding laptops from Aldi

While Aldi has gained a great reputation for offering its customers top quality groceries at cut prices thanks to its no frills policy, there are still many people who remain wary of the retailer when it comes to anything electronic, so we have decided to take a look at whether or not these suspicions are valid.

Firstly, it's worth noting the reason why things are so cheap in stores like Aldi. The main reason is that they buy their products in huge quantities to supply their stores all over the United Kingdom, which means that they are going to be paying considerably less per item than regular stores for the most part.

Perhaps more importantly is the fact that their stores don't concern themselves with presentation or display of items. Instead of putting hours into intricate displays, they instead maximise the use of their space, in many cases loading products directly onto the shop floor on pallets. This means that they can carry more items with less time spent preparing them for sale; again lowering the prices of their products dramatically.

When it comes to laptops and electronics good, Aldi actually provide some really top notch solutions. You aren't getting some cheap, low end specifications built by shoddy, untrustworthy manufacturers here. You'll be getting products built using the same components you'll find from more expensive retailer, and in many cases with far better specs for much less money.

And for those of you who still aren't convinced, just because you buy something in Aldi doesn't mean you give up your consumer rights. If there are any problems with your new laptop, you'll be fully covered by the manufacturer warranty.

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