Aidis Trust Laptops for Disabled People

Although some software on computers can be used, such as the Magnification device used on Windows for anyone with weak vision, there isn't actually much in terms of  computer hardware dedicated to users who are disabled. Aidis Trust specialises in disability computer and laptops for disabled people; as well as providing a range of laptops they also provide altered hardware, software, Windows accessibility for anyone who struggles using a laptop and informative computer guides.Hardware AdaptationsAidis Trust produces hardware adaptations for laptops used by disabled people, such as pointer devices rather than tracker pads on laptops, keyboard aids for anyone who struggles using a standard keyboard and switches which can be programmed to instruct a computer to perform a series of tasks from one button.Software AdaptationsThere are several adapted software applications available from Aidis Trust, some of which are designed to compliment hardware adaptations (i.e., the Switch Access software for the switch hardware device). Literacy aids, visual aids, adjusted games and speech recognition software are also available.Help GuidesAidis Trust offers a few quick help guides for laptops used by disabled people, such as how to adjust Windows accessibility options or how to perform certain tasks. These guides are available in different formats and are available from the Aidis Trust website (see below for address) or by special request.Laptop ModelsThe Aidis Trust website lists two laptop models designed for disabled people, or designed to be compatible with their own hardware and software: the Toshiba Satellite Pro L300D-1FN and the HP 8510P T7100 laptop. The Toshiba laptop retails at £475.20 and the HP laptop is currently out of stock, but may be available again soon. If purchasing a laptop from Aidis is not an option, laptops for disabled people can also be obtained from some charitable organisations, such as Computers for the Disabled (http://www.cftd.co.uk/cftd.htm) and adapted using Aidis Trust technology.More information about Aidis Trust technology and products can be found at: http://www.aidis.org.

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