Where are the Laptop Wholesalers in Europe?

There is a high consumer demand for laptops. Consumers are buying multiple laptops not only because prices have become cheaper, but also, the technology, portability and applications have become more advanced. A family of five can easily have five separate laptops. In order to reduce the costs of ownership even further, consumers are looking for additional retail solutions. If you live Europe, you can find laptop wholesalers Europe that may fit your needs. Wholesalers in Europe are great not only for consumers, but also business owners who seek to purchase in bulk.

Light Computers

Light Computers is located in West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. This company has been providing wholesale products in the retail and education market since 1992. They provide over 3,000 lines of inventory from the top brands. Some laptop brands that buyers can receive at Light Computers are Asus laptops. Buyers can get a wide range of Asus laptops at £125 per unit. Get wholesale Asus laptops that have a 640 gigabytes hard drive, 6 gigabytes of memory and a 15 inch display. Orders can take place online or the retail store location. The store is open Monday through Friday and is closed on the weekends.


This liquidation and wholesale company is located in Milton Keys in the United Kingdom. Buyers can research and order wholesale products through an online auction process. Products are sold by the pallet or truckload. UK-Liquidation delivers not only used, but also, refurbished and new inventory. Buyers can find laptops that include the HP Mini 210-1011ea Notebook. The price per unit of this Intel Atom laptop is £70.00. Buyers can purchase as many units as they want. UK-Liquidation has over 230 of the HP Mini laptops. In order to purchase wholesale inventory, buyers must register through their online site.




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