Which laptop speakers are best?

We have all experienced it. Watching a clip on youtube or trying to stream some TV on our laptop, the image connects and buffers. Its looks great, its amazing but the sound lets the picture down. Its thin and sounds like its coming from a pair of tin cans.

What can you do? You can spend massive amounts of money on a new laptop or look into purchasing an external set of laptop speakers.

An external speaker set-up normally comes with a left and right speaker but can also come with an external sub-woofer. These sets are normally powered so will require a power source of its own, something to consider before purchasing.

The laptop speakers can be attached to the laptop via the 'headphone out' port on the built-in soundcard. This normally appears on the side or rear of the computer.

While there are an almost limitless number of choices for this product we recommend the Haman Kardon Sound Sticks II as the best out there.

The Harman Kardon Sound Sticks II are not only the best we have heard but are also amazingly designed. Featuring clear plastic housing that allows you to see the inner circuitry. The left and right speakers house four cones and are laid out in a cucumber shaped tower while the sub-woofer looks like some kind of technologically advanced jelly fish. As it is made by Harman Kardon it delivers the best quality sound I have heard from a set of laptop speakers.


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