Laptop speakers: A true necessity!

It is a known fact to any laptop owner that laptop speakers are a complete necessity. There is just no way around it. Regardless of how good the inbuilt speakers are there will be a day when you wake up and scream 'I need bass!'

Don't worry though, it's okay to freak out, everyone needs a little bass. The onboard speakers just cannot do bass. It doesn't matter how far they come with digital equalisation, they just won't do.

The main problem with laptop speakers is that they do not create enough space for resonating air and the speaker itself is not built to take such low frequencies. As the speakers are so small, they simply cannot take the frequency that is necessary to deliver decent bass.

This is the main reason why equalisers just muffle the sound when you turn up the bass on a laptop. For these reasons, if you like your tunes, movies or games with decent audio, you need a good set of laptop speakers.

Luckily over the years the prices have really dropped and companies are making fantastic pieces of kit for very cheap. Take for example Logitech, they are genius when it comes to low cost speakers. For as low as £40 you can get a real killer set of speakers with a mini sub to scratch those bass itches.

There are so many on the market now that you can either get an amazing deal or you can buy something that doesn't help your situation at all. Basically you need to go for the names you know. Logitech, Bose, Sony,these guys all make killer speakers that range from affordable to expensive.

Try and get the highest watt speakers you can within your price range and be sure that they have a sub-woofer with them.There are some decent self-contained speakers but none are as good as having a separate sub!

Get hooked up with a decent set of laptop speakers today and start enjoying media the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

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