Laptop in disguise

Laptops are great, aren't they? You can type on them! But they're a bit heavy to carry around.

Tablets are great, aren't they? So thin and light! But we wouldn't want to type, well, a blog post on them, for example.

If only there was some way to have the best of both worlds...

Well - you guessed it - now there just might be. Asus reckon their new Eee Pad Transformer is the idea solution to today's complex computing needs. It's an Android tablet, packing the latest 'Honeycomb' software, and a similar spec to rivals like the Motorola Xoom. But it's also a laptop: plug it in to its dedicated keyboard dock and you've got a standard netbook you can carry around, complete with mouse-pad so you don't have to jab at the vertical screen.

What's more, it's going to be surprisingly affordable when it comes out in the UK next week: just £429 including the keyboard dock, or £379 without.

What do you think - do you like the sound of a transforming tablet? Or would you rather just get a Bluetooth keyboard and a regular tablet and make do?

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