Things to look out for when buying a new laptop

When you are buying a new laptop or computer it can be hard to know what you are looking for if you don't know too much about them. This guide will help you to look at some of the key items you want to look at before you purchase your next computer.

Size and weight - is an important factor when choosing any computer. Laptops are the most popular choice and are the smallest and lightest. Due to this, certain items such as drives and performance might have to be sacrificed.

CPU - Processors have typically become faster in recent years. Dual-core processors are more common now.

Memory - capacity has improved in laptops in recent times but they are generally restricted in the amount of memory they can hold compared to desktops.

Video and display - The quality of the screen is very important and typically laptop screens are smaller so aren't as bright. Technology is quickly advancing and the screen brightness and quality is rapidly improving.

Drives - You need to know how much space you require. If choosing a laptop, look for an optical drive for best quality. Blu-Ray and DVD burners are also standard on most computers.

Networking - is possibly the most important thing these days as everybody wants to be connected to the internet. The computer should support wireless networking.

Battery Life - With a laptop, you should get the longest life battery possible. 30 minutes is useless if you need to use your laptop on the move.

Warranty - Never buy a computer without a warranty. A one year is standard but try to upgrade to three years if possible.

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