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Are you sick and tired of companies always telling you to check their site for the latest laptop bargains and when you get there, there are no good deals? It can be difficult trying to find a good deal but if you search the right places at the right time, you will have no problem in getting yourself a good valued computer.

Laptopsdirect.co.uk offer a range of excellent quality laptops at affordable prices. Some of their laptops available have been refurbished but all come with a 1 year warranty for that extra peace of mind.

The Lenova S10-3 is a netbook that has been described as hard as nails! It is built to withstand the bumps and knocks of mobile computing. Lenova laptops are renowned for their high quality and the S10-3 is no exception. This ultra slim, light and stylish netbook comes with an Intel Atom N450 1.6 GHz processor. It also includes 1GB of RAM and a 250 GB HDD hard drive which is enough memory for the average person. It operates on Windows 7 starter and includes an Intel graphics card. It is Bluetooth enabled and comes with a built in webcam.

This netbook can be yours for the amazing price of just £179.98 including VAT. The laptop can be yours immediately as they offer next day delivery on all their computers. To view the hundreds of laptops they have available or for more information or to make a purchase, please visit their website at laptopsdirect.co.uk.

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