We check out laptop bags for your 17.3 inch laptop

Despite the fact that laptop computers were made with portability in mind, you'd be amazed to learn how many people contact us asking where to find the best prices for laptop bags for 17.3 inch laptops.

Whether you're looking for something slimline to facilitate the easy transport of your laptop from A to B, or something with enough pockets to store your charger and any laptop accessories you need in order to get the most from your computer, you can find a wealth of choices available online from some of the most respected retailers in the UK and beyond.

Laptops Direct have some excellent deals at great prices including the Tech Air 17.3" Laptop Messenger Bag for just £9.97. This bag features a single compartment with more than enough room for your laptop, and also has a handy pocket for your MP3 player, offering you the ability to enjoy your music collection without worrying about annoying tangled wires in your jacket pockets.

If you're looking for something a little more substantial, you should check out the Targus 17" Laptop Messenger Case, which is available for £27.97, a saving of £21.02 over the recommended retail price. This What Laptop Gold Award winning laptop bag features an adjustable divider to let you comfortably accommodate smaller laptops or netbooks as well as your 17.3" one. It's also got accessory pockets and a mobile phone holder making it one of the most fully featured laptop bags available in this price range. Both the Targus and Tech Air bags can be bought online at www.laptopsdirect.co.uk.

Argos also feature a wide range of bags to suit every budget, from the £17.99 black Targus bag featuring a handy zip locked front compartment and padded shoulder strap, to the Argos Value 17 Inch Padded Laptop Bag which is available for just £14.99 at www.argos.co.uk.

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