6 popular language translator devices

When it comes to travelling, there is nothing more frustrating than being unable to communicate because of the language barrier. With more than 200 countries in the world and at least a hundred different languages spoken, communicating is difficult. Not anymore with the existence of a language translator giving you the flexibility to exchange a few words easily during your trips.

Reviews of popular pocket translators

Here are some models that are in the market and what users are saying about them.

1. Ectaco iTravl Series - translates in 48 languages, handheld pocket translators. You choose any language pair you want and it gives a comprehensive function of scanning, typing and translating a language. It also allows you to learn the language at your own pace. A premium version integrates a GPS in the device that points your location in the world; includes an audio phrasebook and a dictionary/picture dictionary as well as a scan pen. SD cards are available if you want extra languages.

Review: mixed feedback with users complaining that it is hard to use, expensive and have manufacturing defects such as batteries that won't charge; others say that it is comprehensive, gives unlimited choices for language pairing with its SD cards; instant translation by speaking on the device and the translator reads you back the translation.

2. Comet Talking Language Translator - translates phrases in 40 languages; has a voice recorder, radio, currency converter.

Review: easy to use and portable but does not have a comprehensive vocabulary.

3. Franklin Pocket 5 Language Translator - translates English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. It boasts of around 210,000 translations and 5,000 practical conversational phrases.

Review: a mix of satisfied and unsatisfied users with the unhappy ones complaining of its limited vocabulary and small screen for longer words or phrases; easier to use than a pocket dictionary, lightweight and gets simple translation tasks done.

4. Hexaglot Top Translator - translation in five languages (English, French, German, Spanish and Italian); 8.3 million entries including a special vocabulary on gastronomy.

Review: not a comprehensive vocabulary but has enough to get you by; conjugates verbs into tenses.

5. Lexibook 15 Language Electronic Translator - 1 million translations covering 15 languages.

Review: no user reviews found.

6. Lingo Euro Talk Translator - speech to speech translation in 6 languages English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Greek. You talk to the device and it gives you the translation.

Review: shows the written form of the translated sentences or phrases with the voice; audio playback quality is good.

What to choose

The mixed user ratings on pocket translators are results of different expectations of consumers. While a majority want a language translator to have a decent vocabulary, others expect the device to work like a human interpreter. One thing is clear though, a language translator is handy and convenient to carry around while on travel. It helps you get by with a few words and phrases in a foreign country. Everyone seems to agree on that.

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