Ladies night in Milan, girl geeks out in style

Last Friday night we kicked off the first ever Girl Geek Dinner held in Italy, with over 70 people turning up - 75% of whom were women, which was a joy to behold after attending a myriad of tech conferences recently where the lament is always "where are the women??".

Hosted in the uber cool bar EDA, the event was co-sponsored by Excite Italia and Dada.net, with the specialist online Italian food retailer San Lorenzo providing some rather nice bubbly to toast the event.

The dinner was designed to be an informal introduction to the idea of girl geek dinners, and started with a few words from yours truly.

This was followed by short talks from well known Italian blogger Mafe de Baggis; President of Wikimedia Italy, Frieda Brioschi; self confessed Internet addict and tech guru, Deirdrè Straughan and Beatrice Cristofoli from the excellent Technedonne organisation, who is also organising a women’s Barcamp in May, FemCamp.

We were quite a mixed bunch on the night, including web designers and developers, company founders, Bloggers, journalists and gadget addicts. Even the Italian mainstream media took interest and, surprisingly, both Glamour and Grazia magazine sent spies down to uncover what on earth a girl geek could possibly look like. I think they were surprised.

Feedback on the first event so far has been extremely positive. Check out some of the English reviews on Ms Adventures in Italy, marmaLADYa.com, Kitchen Pantry and Beginning with I.


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