Ladies laptop bags - many fashions for spring!

Every year laptops and tablet devices are getting smaller and smaller while simultaneously getting more and more useful - we bring them almost every where we go. That may be into town to browse emails over a coffee in a wifi enabled cafe or on a flight to allow us to watch some films before hitting the shops for a weekend shopping spree.

With the latest Macbook Air from Apple weighing in at just over a kilo and costing $1300 it needs to be protected and be comfortable enough to carry around.

We love thenew handbag style laptop bags with a main padded area for your computer or Macbook and then assorted other pockets and areas to store a clutch, keys, make up, a phone as well as other must have items like diaries or magazines.

The old ethos of functional, ugly bags is over with new players like Abbi and Melissa Beth bringing out dozens and dozens of beautiful designs and colours designed to match any outfit and accessories the way a real bag should.

Another approach that you can take is to buy a larger carry-all style day bag from your favourite designed and put a skin or sleeve around your Macbook or laptop and to use that as a day-to-day solution. The sleeve will protect the computer from scratches and spills but it may still be vulnerable to bumps and knocks but it is just another player in the world of Ladies Laptop Bags with Fashions.

Gucci, Prada and Yves Saint Laurent have all made stunning totes this season which could be paired up with a matching skin from one of the excellent fashion laptop sleeve designers like Burberry to give a truly excellent and fashionable outfit.

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