Buy the KTB 150 transformer and more from Save My Light

For as long as the internet has been around, it has been possible to buy cut price electrical components online. For those of us who enjoy taking things apart and, occasionally, putting them back together again in working condition this has proven to be something of a godsend. While many people swear by high street retailers like Maplin, for example, the fact is that they simply cannot compare with the kind of bargains to be found by the shopper who is willing to spend a little time researching online.

It was such a research session that led us to discover the excellent Save My Light. Located online at savemylight.co.uk, the aim of this company is to help you salvage any broken lights and light fittings you may have around your home. Just to clear things up, we're not necessarily talking about that dodgy old £3.99 lamp on your bedside table, but more the more expensive types of light fixtures that would otherwise cost you hundreds, or perhaps even thousands, to replace.

In most cases the problem is that a transformer has become damaged. While that isn't such a big thing technically, the real problem is actually finding somewhere that stocks the one you need; that's where things get really tricky.

Fortunately Save My Light have positioned themselves to become the premier online retailer of the very cheapest genuine name brand replacement transformers. With a range that includes Eaglerise and Kaoyi, as well as a whole range of equivalent alternatives, you're bound to find exactly what you're looking for at a fraction of the high street price. From the KTB 150 transformer to the KD223 rotary dimmer, they've got the lot.

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