Fan-team restores KOTOR 2 full game content with download mod!

KOTOR 2, or to give it it's full name: "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords", was a ambitious but ultimately flawed sequel to the highly acclaimed game "Knights of the Old Republic" by pioneering studio Obsidian. KOTOR 1 was a critical and triumph by Obsidian, and they planned on following up with a sequel that was even bigger and better than the original. Unfortunately, they were given just one year to make their sequel, and as the deadline approached, Obsidian ended up having to cut more and more content from KOTOR 2 until eventually the game they ended up releasing was literally half-finished!

However, thanks to the efforts of a team of devoted fans, there is now a "completeness mod" that restores much of the games original content making KOTOR 2 a full game again! Download this mod at arstechnica.com/gaming/news/2009/10/after-four-years-volunteers-restore-missing-kotor-ii-data.ars and you can finally see exactly what this game could have been, had it not been for the tight deadline.

You're going to need a PC version of the game in order to get it though. Sadly the powers that be at Obsidian have decided that KOTOR 2 as a full game download is simply not on the cards, probably because they're slightly embarrassed by the incomplete nature of the unmodded game! If you're looking to get your hand on this unpolished diamond, you're going to have to get it the old fashioned way. KOTOR 2 is available on Amazon right now for 27.99, just click the following link: amazon.com/Star-Wars-Knights-Old-Republic-Pc/dp/B00027CXEM, or if Amazon's not your thing, then it would be well worth checking for a cheaper deal on eBay (ebay.co.uk).


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