Konami release PES 2012 trailer

It can’t be easy for Konami these days: once upon a time Pro Evolution Soccer was the football connoisseur’s game of choice, and in fact during the last gen it was a trailblazing game, the first to accurately represent football as it was played on the pitch. For years its fans sneered and mocked Fifa players, but those days have gone; Konami are yet to produce a decent edition for the current generation of consoles, while Fifa has taken back the mantle of top football game.

Konami has released the first gameplay trailer for their latest edition of PES – PES 2012 – and we’re still not convinced that they’ve learned their lesson. Apart from the fact the trailer is mostly gesticulating CGI characters, we see nothing in the gameplay they have shown us that suggests they’ve moved the gameplay on from the last gen model – and while it continues to be a massive seller on the Japanese and Korean markets we don’t think that’s ever going to change.

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