Konami release PES 2010 video

Still not sure whether you want to take the plunge on this year’s iteration of PES yet? Well Konami have released a development video about PES10, concentrating on how the new tactics menus and attribute cards can be used to crush your opposition like a Soviet tank rolling into Berlin.

The tactics bars are pretty whizzy and make setting up your tactics more intuitive and easy to implement while playing, so it will be less faff to adjust to the enemy’s sneaky moves. However, the attribute cards (which are essentially like the special ability stars on old PES’s) appear to be complete pain in the hole, as if you want to use them you have to pause and select them while you’re mid-move, making them clunky, intrusive and the complete opposite of what they achieved with the tactics bars. Boooo, a football game shouldn’t be like an RPG, and as for how this will work online or even in a normal multiplayer environment, God only knows.

Still, see and judge for yourself, the vid is below.

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