Know your download speed before you pack up your boxes

What do you look for when you think about buying a home? Nice location? Low crime? Good schools nearby? How about the speed of broadband available?

We know, it might sound a bit wacky. But when you think about it, few things would be such a day-to-day annoyance as to move into your dream home only to find the internet constantly at a crawl. So we like the idea of homebuyers having more information about broadband speeds in the areas they're moving to before they buy.

So we welcome this news of a likely deal between Rightmove, the big property search website, and BT to show local broadband speeds in house listings. Now, this shows the advertised speed in the area, which is much less useful than showing the real speed people in practice get, which is usually a lot lower (visit Speedtest.net to see just how slow yours is). But it's still useful - if you're an online video addict, for example, you might want to know that your new address is eligible for the new 'Infinity' high-speed service. It also doesn't tell you the speed of Virgin broadband in the area.

But it's a start, and we think more information is never a bad thing. Of course, if you really want to know the speed in your dream home, take your laptop with you on a viewing and connect to their wi-fi. But ask permission first, yeah?

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