Know who has deleted you with Unfriend Notify for Facebook

Facebook has become second nature to most of us and for many between school friends you haven’t seen in years to your closest relatives our friend lists are in the hundreds. Everyone is a friend these days and we are all familiar with receiving the Friend Request. But what if someone decides they no longer want to be your friend? Of course in real life it’s pretty simple – you may have an argument, drift apart or stop speaking but in the online world it is sometimes hard to know when someone defriends you. Facebook does not send any notification if someone decides to delete you.

You could spend hours trawling through your friend list and tracking who has vanished from the list or search for a person’s name who you suspect may have defriended you but these are tedious, non-user friendly tasks. This is where Unfriend Notify for Facebook comes in. Unfriend Notify is an extension available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to alert you when someone has deleted you from their Facebook life.

Installing the extension is simple. Unfriend Notify for Facebook can be downloaded for free from the Chrome Web Store. Or you can go direct to the site www.fbfriendcheck.com. Once installed it begins to work straight away.

If you go to the page with the list of all your friends you will see a new tab call Lost Friends. This will list anyone who has defriended you on Facebook. As if that wasn’t enough the extension will also issue a pop up notification when this event happens so you can have instant news of your loss of friends – although you can amend the settings to adjust this.

The downsides of the extension are first you have to be using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for it to work and also once installed it cannot go back and see who unfriended you prior to its installation but maybe that is not such a bad thing!

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