Kith and Kin

So, Amazon has entered the tablet wars. As our previous story explains, they've launched a new colour touchscreen tablet called 'Kindle Fire' to take on the iPad. But what about those of us who don't want web browsing and movies, but just want to read - and like the simplicity and easy-on-the-eye reading experience offered by the traditional Kindle's 'e-ink' screen?

Well, relax: you're catered for. Amazon has introduced not one but two new e-ink Kindles today, too. The new basic Kindle is similar to the model we know and love, but it's lost the keyboard, which while useful for searching took up a lot of space. The resulting device is marvellously small and jacket-pocket-friendly. What's more, it's cheaper - just £89 for a wi-fi only model, down from £109 for the keyboard-ed version.

But if you're anything like us, you probably find that any time anyone picks up your Kindle, they immediately assume it's a touchscreen. Well, now it can be! A new e-ink powered but touch-screen-equipped model, imaginatively called the Kindle Touch, also made its debut today. It's similar in appearance to the new basic model, but, well, it's got a touchscreen. Like the current Kindle - but not the new basic model - it comes in wi-fi only and 3G flavours. It won't be out in the US till November, and we're not sure when it'll make it to the UK, but when it does it looks set to cost a similar amount to the current Kindle, making it a foxy little upgrade.

Are you a Kindle owner? Might you upgrade to a sleeker, newer model? Or might you opt for the multimedia experience of the Kindle Fire?

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