Kingston memory - Tried and Trusted

Kingston Technology founded in 1987 in California by John Tu and David Sun has grown to be the world's largest independent producer of DRAM, with approximately 46% of the third party world wide market share.

Offering an incredible range of products including Flash memory, Computer memory - including RAM and hard drives - Mobile Phone memory in addition to niche markets like printer memory and digital audio player memory.

This has seen the company grow from two to almost five thousand employees and massive amounts of recognition from peers and industry insiders, Kingston has consistently appeared in Fortune's best 100 companies to work for. This is all based on their incredible high quality work and standards.

Kingston memory and hard drives are rated as some of the best in the world and their ease of use is second to none. All of the products are easy to install with various tutorials on youtube and internet detailing how to simply plug and slot the new hard drive into the PC or laptop. The change over can take place in only minutes and with Kingston hard drives you are guaranteed fast data transfer speeds in addition to reliability.

Kingston Technology were one of the first innovators to have also brought us solid state drives, Kingston memory with no moving parts. This latest technology is not as susceptible to physical shock. A fall is much less likely to damage the drive, because there are no moving parts such as hard drive heads to collide with spinning memory storage units. The drives themselves are much more energy efficient and quiet, with no more moving parts they operate almost silently.

Kingston Technology represent incredible quality and in this day and age where people have less money to spend they also offer the reliability to ensure years of use.

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