King of the hill

As if HP isn't humiliated enough. First they withdrew their TouchPad tablet from sale mere weeks after launch, finding it couldn't compete with Apple's iPad. And now, Apple have stolen HP's crown as the number one maker of mobile PCs in the world.

Apple shifted a massive 13.6 million mobile computers - including laptops and tablets - in the second quarter of 2011. That's a massive 136% increase on the same time last year, reports CNET. That's partly down to increased sales of MacBooks, particularly from the revised, thinner MacBook Air. But it's largely down to the iPad, which has been selling like hot cakes in a room full of rich hungry people. Apple shifted a whopping 10.7 million iPads in the quarter, accounting for 80% of its mobile PC sales.

Of course, if you just look at laptops, HP is still miles ahead. But we're living in a post-PC world, tablets are the future, and if the tablet market stays as dominated by Apple as it is now, we wouldn't be surprised if Apple didn't take HP's slot as the biggest PC maker in the world overall before long.

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