Kinect Xposed

Microsoft have released a series of ads bigging up the Kinect, and they’ve somehow managed to create the most sickeningly twee pieces of publicity possible. Just about everything is here: the cosy upper middle class families in pristine houses (thanks to their poorly-paid Mexican cleaners, no doubt), trendy but unthreatening indie music and the siblings who never seem to argue, pinch, punch or slap one another. Which is a shame as there are some seriously slappable faces in the following videos.

However, there is some handy info contained in this sea of digital vomit. If you take a look at the third video down, which explains how you use Xbox Live through Kinect, you can see how communication is linked in with the game playing aspect, so you can video call someone and then get them to play a game against you. This is a pretty nice touch, we feel. However, we’re not so keen on having to talk to a console in order to get it to play a film – that’s too futuristic for our liking.

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