Kinect for Windows: here we come

Here at Digitaledge, we love Kinect. Microsoft's movement-tracking Xbox add-on constitutes a genuine step forward in gaming technology, the biggest since Nintendo introduced the Wii a few years ago. I reckon many people will find playing games with no controller easier than playing them with a wireless, wavy controller.

But we think Xbox is just the start. Where Kinect could really be revolutionary is with PCs.

Imagine waving your arms around to move a program window, like Tom Cruise in Minority Report. Or doing sky-writing with your finger to enter text on your living room PC. The potential is frankly unlimited. Which is why we're very, very excited to report that Microsoft has just released the developer tools for Kinect for Windows.

According to Engadget, the SDK (that's software development kit, the pack of tools Microsoft's given to developers) contains all the same inputs the Xbox one does. At first, we're sure it'll be used to port Kinect games to PC, but in the long run there's no reason why productivity programs like Office couldn't feature Kinect compatibility too. We reckon someone should make a program where you point to bits of your body and it tells you about them.

(To be honest, there's a whole area of cyber-sex potential with this that we're loath to even think about.)

Of course, it'll be a while before any actual products come along; but we're hopeful that when they do, they'll be super-exciting.

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