Well, this is nice. When we heard a few months ago that Amazon were going to let Kindle users lend each other their e-books, we hoped some bright spark would have the idea of setting up websites to let people lend and borrow books from strangers online. And, Lo! It has occurred. Amazon only turned on the lending function over Christmas, but several sites have sprung up since, as explained in a Guardian article this week.

There’s Lendle, which has over 1000 books so far available to borrow, and Booklending.com, which has a few more. They’re not libraries in the traditional sense, in that they don’t own the books themselves. Rather, you sign up and tell them what Kindle books you own and then they put you in touch with people who want to borrow your books – or lend you one of theirs.

Amazon’s lending scheme lets you lend books for 2 weeks, though only with those books whose publishers have allowed it We think it’ll be a while before it really catches on, but if you’ve got a Kindle, you want a new book but you don’t want to pay – and you reckon you can read it in two weeks – it might be worth checking these sites out.

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