Kindle vs iPad: it's getting bitchy

Ladies, ladies! Can't we all get along?

When Apple launched its iPad in spring (doesn't it seem, like, two years ago?) it was quickly recognised that its chief rival - at least until the Samsung Galaxy Tab is finally released - is Amazon's Kindle. Black-and-white and devoted to reading, Amazon's product isn't a match for the iPad in terms of power. But at £109, it's a LOT cheaper, and its e-ink screen makes it much easier to read in daylight.

Hence this cheeky ad from Amazon, which aired in the US starting last week.

Mee-ow! That's a pretty thinly-disguised iPad being mocked, right there. Will Apple retaliate? Will the next iPad somehow feature a colour screen that's also sun-friendly? We can't wait to see how this cat-fight plays out.

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