Kindle turns a new page

Call it a victory for user power. Amazon's Kindle has dominated the e-reader market, while becoming the retailer's best-selling ever product. But while users love its e-ink screen, its built-in 3G and wi-fi and its matching iPhone app, they're not so keen on one thing - Amazon's weird 'location' system for tracking your progress through a book. Users have been vocal in demanding the Kindle find some way of representing the 'real' page numbers from a book in the Kindle version.

Well, now it seems they have. Amazon have released an update to the Kindle's software which keeps the location system, but adds page numbers drawn from the original book into the mix. It should be automatically sent to users in the next few days. Kindle apps for other devices will also be updated, Amazon says.

Just another nail in the coffin of rival e-readers from the likes of Sony, we suspect.

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