Stylish accessories for Kindle readers

You've got a swish new Kindle, downloaded some great e-books to read - so what's the next step? Accessorising, of course!

There is a wide range of cases, covers, stands and other items designed to protect or enhance Kindle readers - here are some of the best ones we came across.

  • SumacLife Silicone Skin and Screen Protector - A great set for the Kindle which has everything you need to keep your gadget clean and protected from everyday scrapes and bumps. The skin comes in black, blue, clear, pink, red, green and purple. The screen protector is non-adhesive and will cling to the screen but can be removed if required. A cloth is also included. Price £10.99.
  • M-Edge e-Luminator2 Book Light - This trim white gizmo will light up your e-reader. It has an optical lens to spread the light evenly across the screen and will give you 20 hours of use from one AAA battery. Price £14.95.
  • Cover-Up Amazon Kindle 3 - With seven colours - black, red, blue, brown, green, pink and purple - to choose from, this robust 100 per cent leather case has a magnetic fastener. It has been specially designed to allow easy access for using the controls and speakers, and for charging. Price £23.99.
  • Tuff-Luv Multi-View Case and Stand - Now you don't even have to hold your 'book' to read it! This handy faux-leather cover for Kindle readers has an integral stand with three settings for viewing angles from 25 degrees to 50 degrees. Available in black, red, green, purple and pink. Price around £23.74.


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