Kindle Paperwhite review

If you were always a Kindle fan, then you must have followed the evolution of Amazon’s e-readers. The Kindle Fire HD was praised for its sharp images and great functionality, but the Kindle Paperwhite has something else to offer. We take a look at these amazing features and see if it is worth buying the giant retailer's e-device.

The review

We all remember that the first generation Kindle used the E Ink technology. Today, the high resolution images from the latest models of e-readers from Amazon are simply amazing. Although the markets for e-readers and tablets are completely different and will not likely converge at some point, Amazon continues to develop better models of e-readers because digital downloads constitute a chunky part of the business. First released to the public in 2012, the Kindle Paperwhite has something else to offer gadget lovers:

  • Superior lighting

The Paperwhite's main selling point is its lighting. You don’t need to worry about the strong glare of the sun or the reflection of a bright light. Read and flip over contents in your device anywhere, any time of the day or night with the outstanding lighting feature.

  • Display screen

Equipped with a 6” display, the Kindle Paperwhite is comparable to the Kindle and the Kindle Fire HD.

  • Portability

When it comes to weight, Paperweight comes out slightly heavier at 213 grams compared to the Kindle which weighs 170 grams. However, the Kindle Fire HD is heavier at 400 grams which gives the Paperweight a good middle balance.

  • Power

Battery life is excellent and can last up to 8 weeks when not in a wireless mode.

  • Price

When it comes to pricing Kindle Paperwhite is a good compromise between the Kindle and the Kindle Fire HD. It is priced at £109 for 3G while wireless is at £169. Kindle is the budget e-reader of Amazon and priced at £69 while the high end Kindle Fire HD costs £159 (16GB) and £179 (32GB).


Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite is the e reader to buy. Its built-in light makes reading a pleasure along with a capacitative screen that lets you bookmark, take notes, share, and adjust text sizes. It has even a cool feature that allows you to keep track of how quick or fast you read giving an estimate how much time it will take to finish a book. For the price, functionality, sleek design and sturdy build, the Kindle Paperback is definitely a good buy.

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