Guide to buying a Kindle night light

The Kindle night light has become a much sought after product since the Kindle was invented last year and Amazon.co.uk have introduced several methods of applying light to your Kindle. Here are the several devices you can purchase to apply light to the screen should you ever need to:

Kindle lighted leather cover: This product deals with two issues with the Kindle, protecting it and giving you access to light. Amazon sell the product for £49.99 which may seem extortionate but the fashionable cover is excellently designed and practical. The retractable reading light attached to the cover is also practical as there are no need for batteries as a result of the light being powered by the Kindle. It is placed on the top right of the cover eliminating the chances of the light getting in the way. The light cleverly manages to illuminate the screen without creating glares thus preventing any hindrances to your reading experience.

Flexible Gooseneck LED Light: Alternatively to the lighted leather cover, you can get the 'flexible Gooseneck' which can be found on bmcdigital.co.uk. The product is crucially lightweight and simply clips onto the top of the kindle and creates a perfect illumination onto your kindle screen. It's crucial to point out that this product is suitable to the Kindle 1,2 and 3 so it really doesn't matter which edition of the Kindle you possess. However, unlike the cover, this product does require three AAA batteries as the product is attached to the Kindle and not powered by it. The gooseneck is flexible so it allows you the freedom to position it to whatever way suits you best when you are reading. The website are currently selling the product at a reduced price of £5.95 with free delivery available as well.

So there you have it, two fantastic products to choose from to bring light to your Kindle. The products are both from opposite sides of the market, on one side you have the more expensive lighted leather cover which is excellently designed and offers both light and vital protection to your Kindle, whilst on the other hand there is the gooseneck LED light which is extremely cheap and still offers you great visibility just without the protection.

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