What is the Kindle lowest price?

Since its launch on the 19th of November in 2007 the Amazon Kindle has become one of the most sought after pieces of technology but with a launch price of $399 it was beyond the reach of lots of people.

Right now four years down the line and with the Amazon Kindle 2 now currently on the market we take a few moments to have a quick look for the best prices and offers currently on the market.

The Kindle 2 is the latest model and offers the same incredible access to books rendered in the amazing true-life ink and ease of use but now with enhanced button layout and battery life means the Amazon Kimble is even easier to use than ever before.

All these changes mean Kindle 1 and refurbished Kindle 1 models are now on the market. If you are willing to take a risk you can be rewarded with a great bargain.

Ebay too is a good place to search and because of the rigerous standards and protection policies that Ebay has towards buyers you can shop with a extra degree of confidence.

I would recommend then staying away from sites like Craigslist or associated sites due to the lack of protection afforded to consumers. One should most certainly bare in mind the maxim "Caveat Emptor", let the buyer beware.

Right now the recommended retail price of the Kindle 2 is approximately $139 but with options to buy used and refurbished models there are deals on Amazon for as low as $99 sometimes. Amazon is widely known as the place to get the best deals on Kindles and Kindle 2 and is only really challanged by Ebay.

Something that will only be known locally regarding the kindle lowest price is any bundles or special offers that other retailers have been known to include a Kindle either their products but as this is normally part of a much bigger package like a car or other luxury good we can disregard these sorts of deals.


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