Build a Kindle library in your pocket!

There's a quiet revolution going on in the book world, and it's all thanks to a wonderful invention called from Amazon called the Kindle. With this little gadget, it's possible to keep an entire Kindle library in your pocket!

If you're one of the people yet to be swayed by the Amazon Kindle, then we've got some information that may change your mind. We've put together the Kindle features you need to know about!

Portability - The Kindle weighs less than your average book, and is thinner to boot. It's the perfect answer for those who need portability.

Readability - Amazon's patented "E-Ink" screen is just like reading paper. No matter what the lighting conditions, the Kindle will perform brilliantly.

Accessibility - There'll be no more losing books when you have a Kindle. All of your content is at your fingerprints 24/7.

Flexibility - If you're sitting at a computer, you still have access to your ebooks, you don't need the Kindle. Amazon also offer access on portable devices such as iPhones or Android devices.

Search Tools - You can search for any word across your entire library of books.

Battery Life - Simply stunning. Your Kindle will last for weeks if Wi-Fi is turned off. Running out of juice will be a rare event with this item.

Cost - Books are simply cheaper on the Kindle, as there are no costs involved with producing a physical version. Thousands of free classics are also available.

Space - No more need for a book shelf, just load up all your books onto a Kindle, and keep the space for more important things!

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