The Amazon Kindle, who needs laptops or netbooks?

Kindle, Laptops, Netbooks, what's the difference? Well, when it comes to e-readers there really is only one name that comes to mind, the Amazon Kindle.

This reader has been around for quite a while and has never really budged from the number one spot. It knows what it is and does only what it needs to. It's an attitude like this that has kept it on top of the competition.

The Kindle is straight up ugly! It always has been and it has never hidden that fact. The reason why the kindle beats laptops and netbooks is functionality. They really are only designed for one purpose. This is the same reason there are no flashy lights or shiny things tacked on. Amazon says that they would only detract from the overall performance.

The Kindle is now super skinny in size. It is very portable and is incredibly light. Thanks to the simple design people can get up to four weeks of battery life with some optimization in play. Yes we did say four weeks, not ten hours, not fifteen hours but four weeks. This basically comes down to the fact that it really is an e-reader and nothing more.

Kindle users swear by this machine and rightly so. It does everything it says, no more, no less. This is exactly what e-reader users are looking for. They want long lasting battery, an easy to use product that is portable and lightweight. They also want a speedy machine with a screen that reads easy, this entire description screams Amazon Kindle.

The Amazon Kindle is not a laptop or a netbook, it is an e-reader. It stands up proud and doesn't pretend to be anymore. This is technology that's stripped to the bare bones and it truly delivers on all fronts. If you are an e-reader fan, this is the machine for you.

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