The Amazon Kindle hits Ireland

The PC World and Currys electronic and computer stores are selling Amazon's third generation Kindle in Ireland. The Kindle e-Reader comes in two versions - one with Wi-Fi at 149 euros and one with Wi-Fi plus 3G at 199 euros. The more economic Wi-Fi only Kindle quickly sold out when it first arrived in Dublin. Seeing the real thing in stores has helped potential users to make up their mind about buying the device.

With both versions (Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi plus 3G), you can read on your Kindle at home with a wireless broadband router and in any Wi-Fi hot spot. The device comes with the UK USB charger so no power adapter is necessary.

In addition, the 3G version allows web browsing on the Kindle without needing to find a Wi-Fi hot spot. It works like the cellular connection on a mobile phone and is accessible in over one hundred countries, according to Amazon. In Ireland, it works with Vodafone Ireland's 3G signal, meaning that you can use your Kindle almost anywhere in the country at no extra charge.

Anyone in Ireland can still purchase the Kindle through Amazon.com for shipping but Amazon.co.uk requires a UK shipping address. If purchasing through Amazon.com a power adapter will be needed for the charger. Similarly, you can purchase ebooks through the Amazon.com Kindle Store but if purchasing through the UK Kindle Store, you need a UK billing address.

The E-ink pearl display on the Kindle screen makes it a great device for reading outdoors in the summer so it has arrived in Ireland at a good time. On the flip side, the screen doesn't have a night reading mode and it isn't back lit like an LCD screen so reading in dimmer conditions indoors can be difficult without a good source of light or one of the clip-on lights available for the device.


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