What are your options for Kindle internet access?

If you have still have some unanswered questions in your head about the revolutionary Amazon Kindle, and it is stopping you from making the decision on whether or not to bite the bullet and pick one up, then we are going to try and dispel them in this blog as we run through your options for Kindle internet access.

The biggest question a lot of people have about the Kindle eBook reader is how do they get books onto it? Is it done by hooking it up to a computer or Mac? Or is it done by connecting the Kindle to the internet? Well, the answer to that is that the Kindle works by being connected to the internet, and there are two different models of the Kindle available depending on how you want to make the connection.

The cheaper option available to you is to pick up the basic Kindle 3 which comes with built in Wi-Fi and 6" display with eInk technology. This model costs around £100 and is the basic Kindle model. It enjoys staggering battery life and crystal clear screen. All books are downloaded using Wi-Fi connections that you locate yourself. It is the perfect option for somebody who has wireless internet in their home.

Your other option is the slightly more expensive Kindle 3G, which comes with all of the features of the Kindle 3 Basic, except that it has an added built in free 3G connection. This connection allows you to hook up to the mobile internet without any sort of connection or charges. You can download books over this connection and it doesn't cost you anything in data charges, handy eh? This is slightly pricier though, coming in at around £130.


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