Do You Need a Kindle Instruction Book?

If you own a Kindle and you're unsure of how to work one or more of the features you'll probably do well to get a Kindle instruction book.  The good news is that there are user guides available for all versions of the Kindle, and these are free to download, or to view online.

Amazon.com has an extensive help section to get you sorted when you're a little stuck!By visiting this url: http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=200317150,You'll have access to not only the Kindle user guide section, but also other troubleshooting tips.  The section has guides and troubleshooting tips for all versions of the Kindle, including the KindleDX. There's even help available for those of us who want to use Kindle books on our PCs, Windows phones or Blackberries!

Documentation may also be available in other languages, and you have a choice between a user manual, or a quick start guide.The user manual seems to be more in depth and covers more topics than the quick start guide, but if you're pressed for time the latter may be a faster and easier option.  It's worth it downloading the user manual, just for those moments when you might need more information, but if you're really not into reading you could just call their support helpline.

Amazon is really going all out to make using your Kindle a pleasure, and with the variety of guides, troubleshooting tips and information on the website you may never have to struggle again!

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