Get free books for your Kindle ebook reader

If you've just picked up a Kindle eBook reader and burned your entire budget in the process, then don't worry, there's still thousands of books you can pick up right now!

One of the delights of the Kindle is the access it give you to literally tens of thousands of free books, all thanks to "Project Gutenberg". Such is the all-encompassing range of this project, that it would be almost impossible to read all the books on there over the course of your lifetime. There are 33,000 books on there after all!

Project Gutenberg is the first, and largest, collection of free electronic books (eBooks) on the internet. It was founded by Michael Hart, the man who invented eBooks in 1971, and continues to grow as an invaluable online resource.

It is a noble project, and one that aims to introduce more and more people to reading, without having to spend any money for the pleasure. It achieves this by distributing books that are out of copyright, so if you're looking for old classics, you'll find them here, at no cost.

A quick scan of the top 20 titles shows evergreen favourites like The Kama Sutra, Sherlock Holmes, Jane Eyre and Ulysses, among a host of others, all available at no cost!

Getting these eBooks onto your Kindle is simplicity itself. You just connect to a computer, and transfer the files over. You can cram thousands on your Kindle too, so you'll never run out of things to read!

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