Read your Kindle ebook on more devices with Amazon's Kindle reading apps

Amazon's Kindle ebooks are outselling their paperback and hardback editions and the Kindle itself is Amazon's bestselling product. One limitation with Amazon up to now was that you could only read ebooks purchased from Amazon on one device. Now that's changed with Amazon's free Kindle reading apps; whether or not you have a Kindle Reader, you can read a Kindle ebook on:

  • a personal computer or laptop
  • an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch
  • an Android phone
  • a Windows phone

The apps make Kindle ebooks more accessible than before by spreading them across more devices. In the US, the app is also already available for a Blackberry phone.


  • The first chapter of the book is available to read as a sample before buying the book.
  • Real page numbers correspond with the page numbers of the printed book so quotes can be more easily referenced in academic papers and by book clubs.
  • Your ebooks sync across devices so if you're reading a book on your personal computer and later want to continue where you left off on your Android phone, the book opens where you last stopped reading.
  • Manage highlights, bookmarks and notes on your device, or along with your Kindle Reader if you have one.

While the Kindle Reader's screen has E-Ink pearl display for glare-free reading, the LCD screen on a personal computer, laptop or iPad is more difficult to read on for long stretches of time. With Kindle for PC, you can adjust the brightness and with the Kindle for iPad app, you can change the background colour, the font colour, the font size and screen brightness from within the app to make reading easier.

The apps are optimised for each device and some features vary with the device. For example, the Kindle for Android app lets you read newspapers and magazines in colour but you can't subscribe to newspapers or magazines yet on the Kindle for iPhone app or on Kindle for Mac. You can shop for ebooks at the Kindle Store from within the app on each device.

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