Where to Buy Kindle Covers With Light

The Amazon Kindle has become one of the most popular E-readers available but there are a few drawbacks to the E-ink screen. The main one is that it’s impossible to read in the dark, which means you need to find Kindle covers with light to help you. Luckily, there have been a number manufactured; now it just means finding the best place to buy them.

Currys is well known for its technical appliances and it’s of no surprise that Kindle covers with light are available. As of July 2011, these covers cost £50.99, which can seem expensive. However, the covers are black and stylish; they make the Kindle look like a small diary. The material is leather and offers extra protection on the device, so it’s not broken accidentally.

Of course, the Kindle is a product from Amazon, so there’s no surprise to hear that the website is now selling covers for their device. As of July 2011, the price is £49.99 for a black, leather and stylish cover that will protect the device from breakages. The light is built-in to the top right hand corner and rises up to offer light to see the whole screen.

For those looking for something more affordable, eBay is a popular option. There are now many online stores that are selling their products on Ebay on a regular basis. For many of these, the light is separate from the cover and can be bought separately too; the light is a small red LED light which can attach onto the cover with a clip.

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