kindle covers: choosing the best buy

What are the best buy options for traditional Kindle covers?

For Kindle covers, the best buy often boils down to personal taste: there are literally hundreds of different examples to choose from. So, with so many handheld ebook readers on the market, how do you decide which cover represents the best value for money?

There’s nothing at all wrong with tradition. Instead of being bamboozled from the huge variety of lurid colours available, why not opt for the original and often the best? The Amazon (www.amazon.co.uk) leather cover costs between £14-20. Its material is pretty solid and it offers a clipped hinge for security.

Of course, with so many attractive alternatives, many look further than a mediocre leather package. Amazon themselves produce a hot pink Kindle cover!

I have a Kindle 3: what are my best buy cover options?

Lighted leather covers are available in eye catching colours. A snazzy little LED sits snugly inside the back cover, popping up when you want to use it, lighting the reader’s display. The beauty is that batteries aren’t required. The hinge system allows a small current to pass from the light to the Kindle.

Built provide a range of sleeves ideal for the sleeker Kindle 3. These are geared towards trimness and lightness, with a curvy edge for extra protection. Another reason to regard this sleeve as amongst Kindle covers best buy, is they are made from wet-suit material and hand-washable. They also come in cool retro design, and retail for around £20.


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