Kindle Colour round the corner?

It's been long rumoured but never confirmed - but could the Kindle Colour be not only real, but just weeks away?

The often-but-not-always reliable Digitimes, a Far East publication with good sources in hardware manufacturing companies, reckon Amazon will release an Android tablet as soon as August. Like Barnes Noble's Android-powered Nook Colour, it'll be a regular Android tablet with a touch LCD screen, but a special custom Amazon version of Android that'll presumably tie in with the company's own Android app store.

'Meh', you might think, 'another Android tablet.' But the Kindle Colour would likely be much cheaper than other Android tabs, and Amazon are likely to come up with a super-easy-to-use reading-focused user interface. The result is that the tablet could go down very well with the same non-techy readers who have bought Kindles by the bucketload. Digitimes reckons Amazon is expecting to sell 4 million of the things in 2011 alone, which would make it by far the fastest-selling tablet after the iPad.

Of course, this could all be nonsense. We'll just have to stay tuned.

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