The Kindle 3 specifications: How does it stack up?

With a new 3G version of the Kindle released in May of 2011, it's a good time to check out the Kindle 3 specifications and see how they compare with the previous Kindle iterations. Well, you'll be please to know that it's all good news! The first thing you'll notice is that the Kindle 3 is considerably smaller. Kindle 2 measured 5.3" by 8" and dwarfs the Kindle 3, which measures in at a mere 4.8" by 7.5". The Kindle has lost over a fifth of it's body size between generations. Remarkably, this reduction in real estate hasn't come at the expense of the reading area, which is still the same 6" screen, nor at the expanse of the keyboard, which is still has it's full qwerty layout. What has been lost though is some of the weight, with the new Kindle 3 clocking in at a mere 8.7 ounces.

Delving deeper into the Kindle 3 specifications it quickly becomes clear that the reduced size and weight doesn't mean that Amazon have reduced the power of what's under the hood. Amazon have doubled the internal memory from 2GB to 4GB (of which only 3GB is available as free space, compared with 1.6GB in the Kindle 2). This means that the Kindle 3 can now carry up to 3,500 thousand books locally, but even the most extreme bibliomanic will be satisfied with Amazon's "Whispernet" service, which allows the Kindle will be able to sync with your digital library or buy from the Kindle store anywhere in the world. A full list of Kindle 3 specifications is available from the good people at Tekinuzu (http://tekinuzu.com/e-readers/84-amazon-kindle-3-e-book-reader-wi-fi-edition-specifications.html) and the Kindle 3 is available for purchase now at Amazon (www.amazon.com) for $139.

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