Kim Jong Un tops Time poll thanks to mischievous hacking

Remember when much mirth and slightly smug hilarity was had at the expense of our Communist friends recently. When The Onion declared Kim Jong Un the ‘World’s Sexiest Man’ and Chinese state media took at face value and reported it as news?

Well the shoe is now firmly on the other foot as the World’s Sexiest Man topped the poll for Time magazine’s Person of the Year.

Yes – Kim Jong Un who’s had a rollercoaster of a month topped the public poll before going on to successfully launch a satellite into space to the Pentagon’s horror. But before you begin wondering if there really is a groundswell of support out there for His Dour Chubbiness and whether teenage girls all over America are swooning before his militarist panache, the fact is that the poll was trolled – and trolled good.

4Chan hacked the vote in glorious style, even managing to manipulate the order of the results so that the first initial of each person from Kim on down wards would read KJU GAS CHAMBERS when viewed vertically. Jon Stewart came in second – sadly not because of his contribution to comedy and political debate in the United States, but most likely because his name began with a convenient ‘J’.

Members of the notoriously naughty online image board community began egging each other on to vote for Kim shortly after Time opened their annual poll to the public last Monday. It’s not the first time that they have hijacked the voting – they pulled a similar stunt in 2009, but Time’s total lack of actually doing anything to prevent it happening again may prove highly embarrassing for the rather stodgy magazine brand.

Time’s website had this to say

“This doesn’t mean Kim is TIME’s Person of the Year. That choice is made by the editors of TIME and will be revealed Dec. 19. The poll allows readers to weigh in on the people—and things (Hello, Curiosity Rover!)—whom they think influenced the news, for better or worse, in 2012.

“While we don’t make our selection based on the poll results,” said TIME executive editor Radhika Jones in a recent interview, “it’s always interesting to see where some of our preferred candidates end up)””

Which of course begs the question – what is the point of a poll and what is the point of bothering to vote? A sentiment Kim Jong Un is only too familiar with!

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