Killzone trailer is cliché-tastic

A new Killzone 3 trailer has been released, giving series fans a peek at the plot for the single-player campaign. Not that it matters much in the grand scheme of things, as we’re much more looking forward to the online multi-player action, and as far as we can see it’s a pretty cheesy plot anyway.

Apart from the usual cast, we also have Malcolm McDowell and Ray Winstone earning a bit of cash on the side as the Helghast baddies, with the latter putting in an extremely hammy performance as a military leader desperate to get his hands on a piece of immensely destructive hardware. He could probably do with some voice coaching in fairness, as you’re half expecting him to start advertising Bet365, or soft sell some healthy food stuff to suspicious cab drivers. Anyway, check it out, and see if you can spot all of the cinematic FPS clichés. We got 10!

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