Killzone 3 – nearly here

Yesterday we showed you proper gameplay footage from Killzone 3, which is released on Friday, in which we got to see how the engineer mode in multiplayer works. Today we have the launch trailer, which shows off a little bit of the single player campaign. It's pretty exciting stuff, even if it is backed by eight-year-old Australian indie rock music.

In it, we are shown the various types of gameplay on offer to us, from standard FPS-style blasting, jetpack combat and racing around on snowmobiles; hopefully the later won't just be a lame recreation of Modern Warfare 2's on rails efforts. However, what we do like the look of is the collapsing buildings, and the not-unrelated news that it's got a healthy Metacritic score of 84 percent. Also, we've heard that it works really well with the Move motion control system.

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