Killer stuff

E3 is a great time to be writing about video games and techy goodness; all the world’s biggest companies come together and try to outdo each other with their premier titles and new widgets, and we get to sit back and watch the news come rolling in – fabulous. Better than that though is that we see what we’ll be spending too much of our money on come winter/Christmas/New Year.

Killzone 3 for instance, looks to be one of those games that will be grabbing our attention. It’s a PS3 exclusive, unfortunately, but it’s also one of the best FPS franchises out there, so if you do happen to own Sony’s box of tricks, or are planning to, make sure you keep your beady eye on it. Check out the gameplay video below (which was shown last night in 3-D at the expo) to see what we mean – the jetpack sections look like a lot of fun.

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