The perfect kids mp3 player

Kids grow up so fast these days! Nowhere is that better manifested than in their embrace of technology from such an early age! Kids as young as eight now carry mobile phones, and some even have their own laptop computers!

With this in mind, children are starting to get MP3 players earlier than ever. If you're thinking of picking one up for your child, then you're probably wondering which is the best kids mp3 players?

In our humble opinion, you can't go wrong getting your child an iPod Nano from Apple's peerless iPod range. No other iPod presents such simplicity, and more importantly, accessibility for the younger music lover!

The latest iPod Nano resembles a wristwatch in both shape and appearance. It comes in a wide range of colours, including: Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Silver, Yellow and Orange.

There's also a wrist-strap accessory so your child can wear it as a watch, handy if they are sporty!

Putting songs on the iPod Nano is a simple affair. All you have to do is hook it up to a computer with iTunes installed, then drag the songs across from your library to your Nano. That's all there is to it!

Helpfully for those on a budget, the iPod Nano is the cheapest of the iPod range. Prices start at just over £100 for the 4 GB model. The Nano goes up to a 16 GB model, which should be more than enough music for even the biggest music loving child out there!

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