Looking for kids laptops? Check this out!

So your kids use laptops in school and you want to get them one for the home. This is no problem, there are some really great laptops for kids but one in particular has stood out for us. Check out the Peewee Pivot 2.0 Tablet PC on the 'Peewee Pc' website and see what we have found.

These portable PC/Laptops are the business. If you are worried about your kids stumbling into anything they shouldn't the Pivot 2.0 won't let them. There is a safety feature, but you can do everything you need to.

Homework is easy to do thanks to the full QWERTY keyboard which is also waterproof in case of spillages. The display pivots, hence the name, from a closed position so you have a portable laptop or desktop. It even has a 1.3 megapixel camera so they can share photos with friends.

It comes packed with a 160GB hard drive. It has USB ports so you can hook up your mp3 player or move files. Of course it has ethernet port and wifi so you can go online.

The battery life is about 5 hours so it should be good for long trips. The machine is even hard shelled so it is drop resistant. With inbuilt speakers and bluetooth this really has all the functionality of a laptop but you have much more control.

It is the perfect way to ensure that your kids can use a laptop safely and have fun while they are doing it. Check out the Peewee website and see what they are all about.


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